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Skincare with Boubí

Despite what we find on social media, self-care looks different for everyone. So we caught up with the Humayra Bobby, the founder of the skincare brand, Boubí [BOW-bee], to find out how she got into skincare and what self-care looks like for her behind the skincare brand.




From the Creator

Skincare brought me into one of the most challenging spaces to be in as a woman of color: the STEM field. However, as I grew in this awkward and often difficult space, the presence of women has always reaffirmed that my presence wasn’t an anomaly or chance; it was purposeful, necessary and belonged.

I hope through sharing my passion for skincare science it not only leaves you knowing more about products but leaves you hungry to know more about yourself.




if beauty is power, and beauty is in the eye of the beholder, who defines beauty?