What’s your skin type?

Skin Type: Normal
Fitzpatrick Skin Type: VI, Dark brown or black skin, Never burns, always tans darkly
Leslie Baumann Scale: DRPT
Skin Concerns/Targets: Dehydrated skin and post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation (PIH)

What is your current skin care must-haves?

My skin sometimes looks and feels dehydrated so I've started incorporating more hydrating moisturizers into my routine. One of my favorites is Dior’s Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème and the impact has been amazeballs. I'm also using an alpha-hydroxy peeling solution which makes me glow like I've been dipped in honey! It’s small but mighty so I don’t recommend it often. My favorite nice-to-haves are milk baths and lip scrubs, very key to my relaxation and self-care. That's pretty much what skincare is for me and I'm always trying to get better at it. I’m pretty much in the business of learning and growing. If you’re interested in learning and growing click the link below to learn about impossible lists.

Can you provide medical advice or provide an online skin consultation?

I do not (and cannot) provide medical advice as I’m not a medical professional. I do not provide online skin consultations.

what do you do?

I’m a chemical engineer at an automotive company by day and an esthetician apprentice by night :)

what do chemical engineers do in the skincare industry?

Chemical engineers often help companies design manufacturing facilities, help scale up batches from lab scale to production scale, and help get products made at different facilities around the world. 

In addition, chemical engineers can also perform lab scale testing for new product ingredients to ensure the process and chemistry produces tangible, useful and safe products, such as fragrances, hair care products, skin care products, makeup and soaps; Yup, they help create all of that :) Overall, chemical engineers usually work closely with other chemical engineers, chemists, market researchers and company planners to ensure safe production of your favorite skincare products.