Discussing Skincare with Boubí

Skincare is a literal form of self-care, however, it isn’t the only form. For some it may look like journaling, for others it may look like a shameless skincare Instagram post with a sheet mask and mimosa. Despite what we find on social media, self-care looks different for everyone. So we caught up with the Humayra Bobby, the founder of the skincare brand, Boubí [BOW-bee], to find out how she got into skincare and what self-care looks like for her behind the skincare brand.

Humayra Bobby, Boubí

Jadel: Tell us about your journey to making the decision to create natural, vegan-friendly products. Why does that matter to you personally?

Humayra: It kind of started in college when I was just getting into everything. I had really bad acne freshman year, so I tried all these drug store products first; obviously skincare is so expensive too. So with trying all these drugstore products they had all these chemicals in it and they just were not helping my skin; and I’m like okay maybe because it’s drugstore, you know “lesser quality” products. Then I saved up and got those Dr. Dennis Gross peels and yeah, those literally burned my skin up. I don’t think I was using them correctly or I had open pimples because it just burned my skin; and I think my skin was too sensitive.

That’s when I really started doing my research and said wait let me look into the ingredients of these products that I’m using. With doing a little research, I could make my own little concoction with ingredients that I actually know will help my skin. So that’s when I started using cleaner ingredients and saw they actually did help my skin.

[With DIY] you get to know what exactly goes on your skin, and it becomes a little experiment; knowing what exactly goes into it makes it easier to know what works for you.

Humayra Bobby, Exfoliating Toner, Boubi

A Crowd Favorite

Humayra Bobby, a Detroit-native, launched the vegan, natural skincare line this Spring with a natural toner that exfoliates dead skin cells while clearing pores and preventing acne. The gentle chemical exfoliant helps neutralize pH for a more even, radiant tone, revealing smoother-looking skin.

Exfoliating Toner, $12

Jadel: In the beginning of product development, how hard was it to find things that met your needs while meeting your criteria for natural or vegan products?

Humayra: In the beginning, finding things locally was harder. Whole Foods was just getting popular and it’s so expensive too. All the witch hazels would have alcohols in it. I didn’t want alcohols, alcohol is drying, and doesn’t work well for my skin. Then with doing more research, I did eventually find other sources where I can get these clean ingredients in the U.S. So I guess with more research it wasn’t as hard but locally, however I do think it would be hard if I didn’t have the internet or shipping.

Boubí product line switching to glass bottles to reduce plastic waste.

Boubí product line switching to glass bottles to reduce plastic waste.

Jadel: Did the creation of your product line cause you to change the way you make choices in other areas of self-care and wellness? If so, how?

Humayra: Yeah so, when this whole journey began I was in college so obviously I wasn’t sleeping how I should and I wasn’t eating the best foods. Once I started using Boubí it did like help out but I was just addressing it topically, very surface level. However, I later realized skincare is also internal health too.

I started with trying to make smarter decisions, as smart as you can as a college student with hard classes. However, after I graduated I made it more of a priority, drinking more water, getting more sleep, etc. because it health doesn’t just come from one source.

I’ve also realized sleep takes a real big toll on my skin and I can literally see it the next day.

Jadel: How do you bring these learnings to the people and communities you serve? 

Humayra: I’m starting it with my family first. I grew up with four girls so skincare has always been a big topic in our house and my sister is actually a makeup artist. With being a makeup artist skin is so important so my sister often asks me what she should tell her clients. With makeup you need a flawless base in order for it to look good so we talk beauty all the time.

I also have cousins in their pubescent years and they obviously have questions and I tell them to start from within; If you take care of yourself, you’ll see it in your skin. I’ve started within my close knit community but I really do plan to have more outreach events. I know people often have questions but many may be too scared to ask about it.

On my Boubí instagram page we started this thing called, Skincare Tip Tuesdays with our stories and it’s one way to help people with seemingly obvious things like washing your pillow case. Serving as a reminder and sharing info to those that don’t know.


Jadel: After a long day of grinding and being a boss, what’s one thing you do to prioritize your wellness?

Humayra: I think for me it’s unplugging; having a business on social media, we’re on 24/7 and I think at the end of the day I really need to put it away, even if it’s just ten minutes a day. It helps me unwind, re-center, and live in real time. I also try to not sleep with my phone under my pillow but it’s hard with this new age.

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