Emotions, Body, and Spirit...

#WELLNESSMONTH is here and I couldn’t be more excited to bring you some inspired tea on our body’s emotional well-being. 


I bet you’ve never asked yourself this question: “Have I been storing my emotions in my body?” and that’s OK because most haven’t even considered this an issue. To my surprise, one of the most common things we do as humans is store our emotions in our tissues. As a skin therapist and professional people-watcher (just kidding), I’ve become aware that we often store them in our fascia. Our physical life regularly affects our emotional/spiritual body. Whatever we do repeatedly, is what stays. Emotion is simply energy in motion so we must learn to move and release them, creating space for brand new experiences. But first, let’s get into what fascia even is…

What is fascia?


Fascia, simply put, is the connective tissue just underneath the skin that serves as the connector of our muscles, bones, organs, and nerves to our body. Basically, it unifies the human body together and envelopes our expressions or lack thereof. It causes a ton of the symptoms we experience such as wrinkles, sagging, stiffness, loss of collagen, etc. but also supports us. A compressed fascia doesn’t allow emotions to leave the body properly nor does it allow the cells of the body to be sufficiently fed and cleared. Fortunately, conscious exhalation and tissue massages from your esthetician/massage therapist can help to unblock these areas for healthy flow.

Emotions have an electrical charge and frequency matched to each of them. Jealousy, anger, and guilt, to name a few, all have a frequency that has the ability to be trapped by the fascia and cause issues. After so long, these emotions or energies-in-motion begin to radiate out and attract more of its likeness. We, then, recycle scenarios, relationships, and behaviors that aren’t bringing about a positive change until we consciously decide to change on a cellular level.

When our fascia system is aligned and healthy, we can naturally release our emotions with ease and take control of our lives.

My intention for this #wellnessmonth has been:

“Be well, be clear, be free of anything that no longer serves me.”

Here’s a quick recap:

  • Our thoughts and emotions have a direct affect on our physical and energetic bodies, where they can become trapped if not released properly.

  • Every thought and emotion has an energetic charge that either positively or negatively affects our healing capability.

  • Fascia, the connective tissue we all have, needs to be tended to and treated with love and care through tissue massage, deep exhalation or meditation, journaling/speaking your truth and some form of movement (yoga, dance, etc.)


Release is the best way to work with the fascia and is hugely beneficial for our general health and wellbeing,
— Charlie Morgan, yoga instructor https://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/body/fascia-myofascial-release-secret-better-health/

Wishing you more light and love on your journey to wellness,

Lexi lu

source: https://www.bodyworkmovementtherapies.com/article/S1360-8592(13)00192-7/pdf