Is BeautyCon Worth Going To?

If you’re on instagram and remotely interested in beauty you’ve probably seen BeautyCon ads and wondered first, what’s BeautyCon and second, should I go? Before we start let’s answer the first question first.

What’s BeautyCon?

BeautyCon describes themselves as a beauty festival created for beauty fans of all backgrounds, filled with engaging panel discussions, meet-ups, selfies and brand experiences.

Still slightly vague, I’d like to add my two cents and say BeautyCon is a reimagined version an industry trade show, with more emphasis on consumers, consumer experiences and the advent of social media influencers than the industry brands and businesses themselves.

A trade show, (trade fair, trade exhibition, or expo) is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services, meet with industry partners and customers, study activities of rivals, and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

That all happens at BeautyCon but Moj flips the narrative from being all about what brands can learn from each other to what brands can learn from consumers, how consumers can find their voice in the industry, and how consumers can transition from being well, ah, consumer to a seller. With all of that said…

Should You Go to BeautyCon?

Well, we couldn’t answer this without going first. So earlier this year we went to BeautyCon NYC and yes, we loved it. However, with BeautyCon LA quickly approaching we asked ourselves, would we do it again. The truth: hell yes. But, tbh not because of talent like Cardi B alone, or any of the brands per say, because BeautyCon is so much more than that. So you really have to ask yourself why you want to go. If you’re looking for a performance or going to purchase products only, save your coins, go to a concert and buy up Sephora. For those of you still interested in BeautyCon beyond those perks, here’s some reasons to go that make BeautyCon so worth the money.

beautycon 2019 nyc marsai issa rae
  1. Access to Develop Beauty Industry Relationships: People pay for access all the time, believe it or not. However, at BeautyCon the price tag is pretty affordable for the average middle class bear. If you’re an influencer, blogger, beauty writer, aspiring beauty entrepreneur, consumer looking to impact your favorite brand, someone looking to make connections with other like-minded beauty lovers, you have an opportunity to do so at BeautyCon. That alone makes the ticket worth it.

  2. Workshops and Panels: Along with selling products and vendors creating cool booth experiences, BeuatyCon provides a platform for thought provoking dialogue between industry influencers, founders, and consumers. Where else can you ask upcoming beauty brand owners like Zandra Cunningham, Tokyo Styles and Wuzzam Supa candid, directly from the audience, live questions? In addition, many product booths were ran by their CEOs and founders giving consumers an opportunity to learn from them what their brands really stand for. Here’s just a few of the brand founders we saw at BeautyCon running their booths or otherwise:

  3. Access to Otherwise Online Brands: At BeautyCon a lot of the brands are pretty much in their startup phase making them pretty inaccessible to a large majority of people outside of their hometowns. Through BeautyCon you have the rare chance to try their products before buying. Some online only or hard to find brands we saw there were VERB, Lime Crime, Eye Kandy Cosmetics, and When Sheet Masks.

  4. ‘Deals and Freebies: Okay, we’re not all work and no play! Also, the deals were noteworthy. We purchased styling tools at 40% the price with lifetime warranties; supplements and hair extensions at 30% off, received free products from Shea Moisture, Patchology, When sheet masks, FashionNova, etc. all for instagram selfies/stories (erhm, well, free marketing); and entered contests and won Target gift cards (albeit, extremely lucky).

So at the end of our reflections, if you’re going to (or thinking of going to) BeautyCon LA for any of these reasons, definitely do it. & don’t worry I’ll be reviewing some of the products we received from BeautyCon this month ;)