Welcoming Lexi Lu, but First, What's Holistic?

Holistic in terms of skin care goes deeper than products though there’s still a heavy focus on ingredients. The term holistic, sometimes referred to as wholistic, is the philosophy and practice of healing that has to do with constantly keeping the whole body (meaning the physical body, the mind and the spirit or emotional body) at the highest level of total wellness.


HEY HEY! So let me give it to ya straight. In holistic skin care, a client’s skin is a direct reflection of his or her inner state of health. Treating the skin alone, without consideration for the root cause, leaves room for only short-term results. My goal, as skin therapist, is to alleviate the cause through naturally-derived topical ingredients, supplements, unique massage techniques that balance the entire body’s energetic field and healing flow, non-invasive treatment, nutrition and energetic healing. 

I continue to pull from and study diligently the ancient teachings of Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Ayurvedic, as well as traditional african-centered medicine and healing modalities. Raised in an Afrocentric and holistic perspective, I have come to understand the world in a different light than most. My holistic journey came naturally. Groomed by elders who are from and have lived in these many ancient places, it was only right that I’d follow their footsteps in holistic healing. After many years of attempting to fit into many boxes, beauty & the art of healing was always home. At age 19, I decided this was one of my many callings. From natural hair artist to holistic aesthetician and educator, I enjoy cultivation as well as conversation around wellness and beauty because they never are really separate.

The African perspective says “each one, teach one” and so it is. After pursuing my aesthetician license, I have now embraced education as my main avenue. I enjoy sharing information, writing, and creating safe spaces for healing. 

As skin therapist and coach, I believe working with clients on mindset and spirituality is the first step to healthy skin. The rest will follow. My philosophy is “once you know better, do better. Be disciplined enough to attain the results. If you can master your mind, you can master anything.” 

With light + love Xx,

Lexi lu