How Skincare Led Me to the STEM Field and Self-Discovery


Skincare has taken me to many places from Beautycon, to Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, Iowa City, heck, even college.

I never planned to be an engineer, I thought I’d study fashion. However, all of that changed when a woman at a STEM seminar told me I could make skincare products as engineer. 

*mind blown*

When I first arrived to college I was out of my comfort zone in every way. Academically, I’d be lying if I said my first course didn’t feel every bit like the Mr. Krabs meme. Socially, I’d gone from fashion and sewing clubs to eco car and kingdom hearts game nights. I was clueless, outside of my coursework, on anything mechanical or robotic, I didn’t have a space (nor time) to make DIY skincare masks and where were all the girls?

Navigating these challenging social environments often led me to question if I belonged in STEM, even with my strong passion for skincare.  

Skincare brought me into one of the most challenging spaces to be in as a woman of color: the STEM field. However, as I grew in this awkward and often difficult space, the presence of women has always reaffirmed that my presence wasn’t an anomaly or chance, it was purposeful, necessary and belonged.


I’m forever grateful for the presence of the supportive women I’ve met along my journey. Although the STEM field is a challenging environment, during the ups and downs of confidence and doubts, women have always helped me realize it wasn’t a question of belonging but really just an uncomfortable growth moment.


Upon reflecting on my skincare journey, I put together a visual to showcase the influence of women in my life and on my skincare journey. Curious about the women behind the visual, I also interviewed all six women in STEM about what led them into this challenging space and how they kept up with their skincare regimens, or lack of, during that period. I hope the visual showcases and inspires women in STEM to keep going as the women around me have. I hope their stories highlight why STEM matters to women and above all, encourages someone to follow their passions. I’ll be releasing the visual Friday, June 21st and throughout the week I’ll be providing more information on the women behind the visual.

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