August Skincare News


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Skincare is often misused as a perfecting tool to obtain ‘flawless’, ‘poreless’ skin. However, using skincare to solve for either of these ideals is inherently impossible and unrealistic.

You can’t get rid of pores or reduce their size because the numbers and size of your pores are genetically determined. Skincare can’t alter your DNA.

You cannot see yourself as ‘flawless’ without first understanding that the word flaw in itself is a subjective term determined arbitrarily by societal beauty norms that often have nothing to do with you. Skincare can’t do anything about either of the two; only you can by changing your perspective towards yourself and purging harmful narratives around your skin and your gorgeous features.

However, due to past marketing tactics used to tell women they are lacking something, most women look to skincare for something they can only find within themselves: self-acceptance.

Over the past month I ran into a few brands looking to spread and overturn the false narrative that we need skincare because we are in lack of something and thought I’d share them for this month’s skincare news update.

Cheers…to you.

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