It's Wellness Month + July Skincare News



the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal.

Wellness is slowingly becoming a growing buzzword in skin care but what does it mean? As stated above, wellness is a state of being, a consistently pursued goal, an act of mindfulness, the realization that your body is and is part of an ecosystem that needs to be nurtured and watered daily.

However, if you hadn’t had that realization were you really ever practicing skin care? I’m sorry, truth pills go down hard.

I love delivering that truth pill because I want wellness for you; reasons why I’m loving this month already. Wellness month inherently rejects the notion that using a mask for one day out of the month is an act of self-care or wellness.

Thinking critically, I believe practicing wellness in this way is actually quiet destructive. Why? Well, caring for yourself isn’t a shot-gun act done after countless days of ignoring your mental needs or what your body is telling you, it’s every day. Some days we do a lot of care, some days we just get by, but don’t do yourself the injustice of dedicating one day. You’re worth more than that, dedicate your life. I hope wellness month serves as a reminder and nudge for you to believe you deserve more.

Here’s a few wellness brands and tips that may help you as you lead a journey to a better, dewier, healthier, you.

Cheers…to wellness

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