Finding the right skincare products

We often see one of our favorite Instagram or Youtube influencers with flawless skin and have that knee-jerk reaction to ask: ‘What skincare products are you using?’ I bet many of us are guilty of this (myself included). However, what if I told you, asking that question is like playing breakout russian roulette because their skincare product choices (hopefully) have everything to do with them (their skin type, environment, hormones) and nothing to do with you. Searching for the right skincare products should be the last step in creating a good skincare routine.

If that doesn’t quite make sense, let’s take a look at the iceberg below.



good skincare choices start with you (your genetics)

Before choosing the proper skincare products to address your skin’s needs and goals you first have to understand your skin type (based on your genetics). Small things like knowing your skin type would help you save loads of money on skincare products and help you to avoid unnecessary breakouts or added skin problems. Along with knowing your skin type, understanding your genetics and body can help you set realistic skincare goals for yourself.

Example: A woman of color comes into the spa to get rid of her under eye dark circles. She notes her mother, her grandmother and aunts have similar concerns. She’s tried many expensive eye creams and nothing seems to work. Her skin is perfectly healthy and moisturized. Recognizing the signs, she seems to have an inherited trait, which means she more than likely has been wasting her money on expensive creams. She may reduce the appearance with creams and makeup but her under eye circles probably will never go away; and she still looks absolutely stunning. Acknowledging, accepting and embracing this, would be the first step to creating realistic skincare goals, choosing great skincare products / cosmetics and promoting healthy self-esteem. I know writing that here in this blog isn’t always enough to convince us otherwise (Crap, it took me 20 years of my life to just acknowledge it).

skincare products are half the story interview series

In effort to bring awareness, I created a skincare series discussing the moment myself and two other women actually discovered skincare and realized how important it was to get acquainted with ourselves before spending loads of money on skincare products we didn’t need. Because after all, Products Are Half The Story…


The first three steps to practicing great skincare has nothing to do with products and everything to do with you, your environment and your perspective. Without considering yourself and your body’s needs, you’ll never achieve your best skin condition and forever be left chasing everyone else’s. So what are those three steps you ask? Self-Awareness, Personal Perspective and Embrace Yourself. Simple, but it takes work, consistency, and most of all self-love. To hear our stories and hiccups along the journey to practicing great skincare, sign up with your email address below!

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