“When I was growing up, I felt really self-conscious. I have acne still, and I have cystic acne because I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. So it would really be one of those things where I would want to feel confident, and I love learning about things. I love to share all of those things, but I feel very self-conscious about it.”

- Tara Boinpally, @tarafromearth

Tara discusses how skincare can be used to embrace ourselves beyond our skin.


Interviewer: Jadel H. Davis
Videographer: J. Millhouse

Jadel: Can you tell us about yourself?

Tara: I'm Tara Bonipally, and I would consider myself a little bit of a polymath. I love to do everything and study all the incredible things that people do. I really start with anthropology, but I also do entertainment, modeling, acting, and also work in the technology space.

Jadel: What drives your interest in all of these things?

Tara: My passion in modeling and acting is really about understanding humans and our intentions and who we are as people and why we do what we do and for what. What is our purpose and how are we driven to go through our lives and accomplish all of these things that we do.

Jadel: What fuels your interest in skincare?

Tara: My interest in skincare and just skin in general is about embracing the skin we're in and sharing it with one another without the inhibition, without feeling self-conscious and just being more conscious of who we are instead.

Jadel: Do you ever feel self conscious about your skin?

Tara: I work in the entertainment industry, and I have skin problems. I have cystic acne. It will flare up, and it will always make me feel self-conscious in a way that removes me from just being and inhabiting that character or inhabiting that person. But the reality is vulnerability is just a part of who we are, and we can embrace that rather than run away from it. So I think that when people are in the state where they feel like they can't share freely, we all lose. That's to the great detriment of all people that we don't feel liberated and feel empowered and stronger for being in the skin that we're in.

Jadel: So with that in mind, what does skincare mean to you?

Tara: Skincare is a way to protect your depth, protect who you are, and share that with the world. And I think it's our first layer, right, that we interface with the world with, but we are so much more than that. And I think that that can be an inviting aspect rather than one where we put up walls. I think that if people could look in the mirror and feel confident and happy to be who they are, they'll be even more likely to want to share who they are with other people. And I mean, to me, that's the greatest gift when people share themselves and talk about all of the incredible things that they do and their passions and who they are in their true, unique selves. That is just-- to me, that's bliss.

Jadel: What skincare advice would you give someone who feels ashamed in their skin?

Tara: I think that, a lot of times, when people feel instead that skin can be a shaming aspect. Even in cases where individuals have medical conditions, right, or skin disfigurements or violence that's enacted upon people like acid attacks, that especially has been a really, really big aspect of why I've been so interested in skincare. Because it's about disempowering people when you try to harm people in that way, the way that they interface and move throughout the world. So I think in many ways, skincare has to be something where we can help one another move past that, move past that layer, just that superficial layer of shallow shame, right, and then move to where we really are who we are in our truest selves.

Tara: If we even embrace what skin does, the turnover, we can even embrace the renewal, our regeneration. Every day, we can be different. We can be better than our past selves.

Jadel: Yeah. That was good. I like it.

Interviewer: Jadel H. Davis
Videographer: J. Millhouse

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